Boyz a Case Study


The weekly LGBT entertainment, listings and lifestyle magazine Boyz with its website, asked 15Heroes to create a subscription based social media application for its' readership. This is an application where members can communicate with each other and share their interests, pastimes and hobbies.

Our Tagging System

They can list their interests using our unique tagging system (SWIMMING, BADMINTON, GYM, THEATRE, OPERA, BEACH HOLIDAYS, COOKING, READING SCIENCE FICTION, DOGS etc) with photo, video and albums showing them enjoying their pastimes, with friends and on holidays.



Members are able to send messages to each other and see what events interest them. They are able to view, like and add favourite pictures albums to their own profiles. Additionally adding comments on profiles and albums, as well as adding and managing friends.

Income Stream

The aim of the beboyz site is to enable Boyz to extend its current mainly UK weekly readership base of 40,000 - 50,000 to a larger global audience and to generate a new income stream to complement the magazine and website advertising.


The subscription model that beboyz offers is the first two months subscription are free for members to get familiar with the app and to see its benefits and thereafter charge a monthly fee of around £7 per month.